Press Release: New Forbidden Supernought DH Bike

Finally, the big cat is completely out of the bag. It’s been a while since our prototype DH bike was first spotted on the WC stage under Connor Fearon. Since then we’ve been honing every detail and specification to ensure this bike is comprised purely of the material needed to deliver a fighter jet of a downhill mountain bike. There is no filler here, folks. This bike is designed and built for a single purpose: Get you down the hill faster. The Forbidden Supernought DH Bike.



So, what happens when you ride a bike with the industry’s most refined high pivot design equipped with 205mm of rear wheel travel? You remain composed and comfortable across the knottiest root balls and rowdiest rock gardens. You develop a new penchant for committing to corner speeds and line choices that old-you would never dream of. You go in over your head and get out with a shit-eating grin. You get a DH bike with zero compromises.

You get Supernought.

Forbidden Supernought DH Bike

No more mystery, no more prototypes, no more guessing what the name, chainstay lengths, or head tube angles are. Just the facts, tables, and graphs.

Forbidden Supernought DH Bike
Forbidden Supernought DH Bike

Sizing and Geo

S1-4 sizes are available. Frame kits will only be available in MX wheel configuration. For now…

Forbidden Supernought DH Bike

One Ride

The industry’s only truly scaled sizing. Our front centre and rear centre measurements grow in proportion. Every bike exhibits the intended on trail riding characteristics regardless of the size.

Forbidden Supernought DH Bike

Bias Adjust

Straight from the World Cup pits. By using modular dropouts we’ve added another level of performance tuning to your ride. Dropouts are easily swapped for different wheel sizes as well as meaningful geometry and weight bias adjustments. MX or 29 wheel configuration and 0, +10mm, and -10mm adjustments are all made via modular dropouts. Allowing riders to customize weight bias and handling to suit riding style or terrain type. 200mm direct brake mount included as standard.

drop outs white

The V2 Trifecta Platform allows us to fine-tune kinematics for each bike. Our Factory Team wanted more sensitivity and grip. So we delivered a DH-optimized leverage curve and braking characteristics. The result is a bike that begs you to stay off the brakes a little longer and remains completely composed when the anchors are dropped.

Forbidden Supernought DH Bike
Forbidden Supernought DH Bike
Forbidden Supernought DH Bike

Frame Kit Technical Specifications

Forbidden Supernought DH Bike

Frame Kit Highlights

Full Custom Plastics

A quiet bike is a fast bike and a clean bike is less prone to problems. We developed a full suite of custom frame plastics to stop the bashy bits from bashing, keep the noisy parts quiet and the messy spots free from crud. Fork bump stops and clamping ports secure derailleur cable and housing to eliminate rattling. Heavy duty shuttle and frame protection as well as chain protection are all engineered to handle the abuse of DH riding. The rear brake is externally routed for fast and easy removal and replacement.

Forbidden Supernought DH Bike
Forbidden Supernought DH Bike
Forbidden Supernought DH Bike
Forbidden Supernought DH Bike

18T Steel Idler And Next Gen Race guide

Supernought sports an 18-tooth steel idler equipped with a solid lube bearing out of the box. The optimized tooth profile and our next-gen Race Guide are built to last and limit chain drop. Frame Kit Highlights

Forbidden Supernought DH Bike

Sensible Standards

We only use what makes sense from a design and durability standpoint. 83mm BB and 148mm boost spacing optimized for modern DH cassettes. 49mm Headtube to accommodate adjustable headsets. External brake routing. 200mm direct rear brake mount.

Forbidden Supernought DH Bike
Forbidden Supernought DH Bike
Forbidden Supernought DH Bike

Supernought Frame Kits are available through our network of dealer and distributor partners across the globe.

Riders: Connor Fearon
Video: Liam Morgan, Max McCulloch
Photography: Dave Trumpore

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