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Around the corner from the epic riding of Nelson and New Denver BC, Retallack, is a mountain biking mecca.  Retallack’s backyard is a web of epic downhill singletrack, all-mountain, enduro and freeride decents.  Perfect dirt and alpine views of the Selkirk Mountains.  If you’re looking for heli-biking, this is it, with professionally guided backcountry mountain biking.  With 1.5 million acres, Retallack is developing its network access with additional descents of up to 6,000 vertical feet.  It is located in the West Kootenay Mountain Range with rain arriving daily to keep the dusty trails in check. With elevations of 2000 – 9000, you better bring that riding jacket. 

Join Skye and Kyle in Retallack, BC for A Day On The Transition Patrol

A Day On Patrol In Retallack | Transition BikesKevin Menard and Skye Schillhammer in Retallack, BC.


Longer, lower, slacker.  The new Transition Patrol is Transition’s go-to for Enduro and all out aggressive riding.  With 160mm of rear travel designed around a 170mm fork, new SBG and improved GiddyUp Suspension, the Patrol is more capable than ever.

Speed Balanced Geometry

SBG ensures the bike maintains low speed agility, front wheel traction, and proper rider weight balance while actually increasing confidence in steep terrain and at high speeds. With SBG, a slacker head tube angle is combined with a all new reduced offset fork standard, preventing the front wheel from being too far in front of the rider. This improves front to rear weight distribution on the bike, which is often out of balance on long and slack bikes. One of SBG’s greatest benefits is that it creates a confident steering feel that adapts to wheel speed. More stability when going fast, more agility on technical slow speed maneuvering as well as improved traction, control and confidence for any skill level of rider.

Guide: Mike Kinrade
Location: Retallack, BC.
Ride: Transition Bikes

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