Knolly Press: New 2020 Knolly Chilcotin 29er Announced

Knolly Chilcotin 29er

Launching The New Chilcotin

We set out to design the next generation of the Enduro race bike and we’re proud to release the new Chilcotin. The goals were simple: make the bike fast as hell and super manageable even in the worst race conditions. Our new ride features 29’er wheels, a completely new design (the last Chilcotin 29er was a 26’er!), our industry leading patented Fourby4 suspension and two suspension travel options for when you need to push your performance to the next level. The Chilcotin is ready to race enduro and tough enough for large freeride hits.

2020 Knolly Chilcotin spec
Raw + Black | Moody Blue
2020 Knolly Chilcotin 05


5th Generation Fourby4 Suspension
The Chilcotin uses our most advanced Fourby4 suspension technology and delivers the highest quality of suspension travel available, with a fully progressive curve that will easily manage the biggest hits while maintaining initial sensitivity and Knolly’s acclaimed mid stroke support.

The back end of the Chilcotin 29er has been lengthened compared to our trail and freeride models to increase high speed stability. Like all our bikes, our Fourby4 suspension is designed to reduce the effect of brake “squat” thereby enabling the wheel to maintain contact with the ground and maximizing speed through the most challenging terrain. And our legendary pedaling traction is fine-tuned to ensure consistent pedaling performance – even in jank – so you can get on the gas whenever you need to eliminate another second off your time.

2020 Knolly Chilcotin 06

A Focus on Dynamic Geometry

The Chilcotin 29er’s geometry is highly progressive but not designed to escalate or play one upmanship with the “longer, lower, slacker” trend. Most bikes in the industry are built (and sold) on their static geometry, which is not indicative of how they actually perform on the trail. We have always focused on the bike’s “Dynamic Geometry”: which is how the bike performs when it’s “in use”, not how it looks on paper. “Dynamic Geometry” is a combination of the frame’s physical dimensions superimposed on the frame’s suspension performance. Travel and geometry numbers only give part of the picture as rear suspension performance matters and nothing beats our Fourby4 in sophisticated trail smashing performance. The Chilcotin monster trucks at speed, yet remains nimble and predictable in all situations.

Adjustable Geometry

There are two adjustable geometry settings (slack or neutral), so that you can tailor your set up to match your riding style. It’s as simple as removing a bolt, sliding the shock forward or back and re-installing the bolt. The Chilcotin’s effective seat tube angle changes from 77.6 (neutral) to 76.9 (slack) and the head tube angle changes from 64.5 (neutral) to 63.8 (slack).

2020 Knolly Chilcotin 07

Suspension Options

The Chilcotin platform is incredibly versatile with one frame and two fully progressive suspension t ravel options. This offering allows our riders to set up their bikes based on their riding styles.The Chilcotin 151 build kit features a 160mm fork and 151mm of rear travel. The Chilcotin 167 build kit moves to an aggressive chassis 170mm fork (38 Float or Zeb) and increases rear travel to 167mm for extra back cushion when you need to push your riding to the next level.

2020 Knolly Chilcotin 08

Offset Straight Seat Tube Design (OSD)

Our patented Knolly straight seat tube design allows our riders to transition effectively between a highly efficient pedaling position and the “attack position” required for aggressive riding. It enables the rider to drop the saddle on the downs and is critical in allowing maximum rear wheel travel while keeping the back wheel away from the seat tube under full compression. This design also enables us to run 200+mm dropper posts because our seat tubes are straight and un-interrupted.


In line with our next generation of recent releases, the Chilcotin features 157Trail rear hub spacing which uses the wide flange 157 hubs with 73mm BB shells. This update provides the most options for tire size and can easily clear tire widths up to 2.6. With the move to 157Trail, heel clearance is exceptional and chainring clearance remains huge at 36T.

2020 Knolly Chilcotin 09


We’re known for building our bikes with super high quality aluminum and this model is constructed with 6066 series hydroformed aluminum alloy tubing. It’s the most advanced weldable tubing alloy available and has a combination of high tensile strength and excellent durability. It’s easy formability allows us to create complex shapes to maximize torsional stiffness and ensure a high performance, predictable ride.

Knolly Details

The Chilcotin also features internal routing, an open cockpit downtube protector and water bottle mounts.

2020 Knolly Chilcotin
2020 Knolly Chilcotin Geometry and Specs 01
2020 Knolly Chilcotin Geometry and Specs 02

See the 2020 Knolly Chilcotin Geometry & Specs here.

The Chilcotin 29er comes in medium, large and extra large and we’re offering two build kit options: DP and EC kits. For this release, we’re serving up two great color choices including Moody Blue and Raw, and the Chilcotin complete bike pricing starts from $5300 USD. It will be available for sale this December at your Knolly Bikes Dealer and online at

Sizing, Pricing, Colors, & Availability

2020 Knolly Chilcotin 11
2020 Knolly Chilcotin

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