Video: Love & Warfare Alex Volokhov Mount Prevost Woods Build

Alex Volokhov is always working on the next build, shaping dirt, or shredding down his latest creation, it’s love and warfare in the Mount Provost Woods. This is the art of the build and the joy of the shred.  

“Riding can be a very solitary sport at times. Often accompanied by long days solo building, overcoming injury and pushing through fear. Riders, like Alex Volokhov, tend to have passion for the sport that borders on insanity. Pushing through risk and pain to capture that feeling of accomplishment.

Before Alex and I started filming he had been building in the woods for weeks. He had just finished building four new features and was moving back to Nelson in two weeks. Time was running thin and we had to start filming. We managed to shoot Mt. Prevost twice in the first week. We completely lucked out, I couldn’t have dreamt up better conditions. Managing to wrap it up in two days and now it was time to film the features Alex had been building.

Unfortunately, the rain had different plans for us! Three of four features Alex built were now un-rideable due to the rain. With time running thin we were left with 1 day to shoot the second half of the video. With much of Alex’s hard work spoiled by rain there was a weird vibe in the air. Luckily his main feature was still rideable, and Alex knew what he wanted. It was on! The second half of this video show’s exactly how that day went down. No bullshit, no faking, this was how the day unfolded.

Rider passion and determination is what I love most about filming bikes. I will always respect the courage and effort these athletes put into their riding, it’s what they live for!”

Credit: Calvin Huth


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