Video: Transition Patrol Among Giants

Riding Among Giants

Wild, natural and perfect dirt made for amazing conditions when Alex McAndrew and Backroad Creative hit up Bellingham, Washington to creative an absolutely dialed mountain bike short film. Using background sound and nifty camera work Backroad captured Alex putting on a massive flow demonstration aboard his Transition Patrol that would make anyone want to get out and ride.


From Backroad Creative:

“Backroad Creative Presents – Among Giants

The Pacific Northwest is undoubtedly one of the best places in the United States, if not the world, to ride a mountain bike. The mild spring temperatures coupled with the iconic backdrop of coastal rainforests drew Alex McAndrew and myself into the woods surrounding Bellingham Washington for the production of our 5th short film – Among Giants.

A Backroad Creative Short
Supported by:
Transition Bikes

Created by Henry Miles @henrymmiles
Featuring Alex Mcandrew @bikesmcandrew

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