Industry News: Knolly Bikes 2020 Warden, Warden LT and Delirium

Knolly Press: Knolly Bikes 2020 Warden, Warden LT, Delirium

Knolly Bikes Warden Warden LT Delirium

 Knolly Bikes Warden Warden LT Delirium 01 Knolly Bikes Warden Warden LT Delirium 01 Knolly Bikes Warden Warden LT Delirium 01

When we launched the Warden and Delirium a few years back, these models made headlines with their patented Fourby4 suspension, advanced kinematics, custom parts and premium materials. The Warden immediately became our best-selling all mountain adventure ride and the Delirium delivered big in the park and trail.

For 2020 we’ve raised the bar again and are releasing 3 new models featuring our next generation technology: Warden, Warden LT and Delirium. For this launch, our mission was to provide a 27.5 line-up that featured super progressive geometry, game-changing designs, maximum versatility and a premium ride. And we spent long hours designing, engineering and testing, with total dedication to getting it right. This August, we’re super proud to release our newest Warden and Delirium models.
Knolly Bikes Warden Warden LT Delirium

The Next Generation of Innovation

When we started this project, we were stoked with past advancements but knew we wanted to continue our path of innovation. We had new concepts brewing, so we did something unheard of in the industry and held back on releasing product for 18 months so that we could focus on new research, testing and product development.
Knowing we had to seriously knock it out of the (bike) park with these new models, we made sure we had the right ingredients for each model.

We took the time to review our suspension kinematics, tweak our geometry, formulate new moulds/tubes and introduce custom parts that would deliver a dream ride. And the result was revolutionary. The first model that we released was the Fugitive 29’er. Yeah – they are all longer, lower, slacker, but like always, we make sure these attributes also equal a bike that allows you to be a pilot, not a passenger.

For our next release, we wanted to leverage all the advancements of the Fugitive but offer our customers a 27.5 line-up that they could ride super aggressive in both the trail and park. Our solution- the 2020 Warden, Warden LT and Delirium.

Patented Fourby4 Suspension- total confidence

Our new models demanded a suspension set up that would exceed rider expectations. We looked at our Fourby4 technology and fine-tuned it so that our suspension kinematics allows you to pedal even better, while offering increased rear traction. Plus, you get more suspension for an even bigger ride. Just when you thought your Knolly couldn’t get better, we deliver three more confident inspiring machines.
Knolly Bikes Warden Warden LT Delirium

157Trail- trail precision

With the updated Fourby4 suspension, we looked next at rear hub spacing. Our refined suspension allowed us to use the wide flange 157 hubs with 73mm BB shells.

This 157TRAIL rear hub spacing offers a new solution because it provides rear end heel clearance equal or better than existing 148 bikes. It eliminates worrying about tire width while allowing us to focus on designing the bike solely based on tire diameter. The new Wardens and Delirium gives you total precision while riding, so that you can choose the best line on the trail.
Knolly Bikes Warden Warden LT DeliriumKnolly Bikes Warden Warden LT Delirium

Progressive Geo

There is a fine balance between pushing the geometry limits and crafting a bike that handles naturally and provides a ride experience second to none. And while the industry has beaten the “longer, lower, slacker” concept to death, we have stayed focused on the key ride characteristics that take a bike from good to great.

Our patented OSD (Offset Seat-tube Design) continuous straight seat-tube is a hallmark of our brand and can accomodate a 150mm dropper post on a small, and up to a 200mm dropper on large and extra large frames.

Steeper seat tubes optimize pedaling efficiency but again too much is not necessarily better. Knolly strikes a balance between climbing performance, fit, and ride handling with little to no sacrifice in any of them.

Trailside geo adjustments. With one bolt Knolly frames switch from neutral to slack and our design changes the BB height, head tube angle, the pedaling platform, and shock progression. Our bikes are designed to climb better in neutral and descend better in slack.

Increased reach combined with short chainstays keeps the wheelbase from getting too long and gives our frames a balanced feel with quick handling and planted stability.

Short head tubes. Better traction and better handling, who doesn’t like that?
Our short and lower headtube allow riders to get more pressure over the front wheel which increases corner capabilities on switchbacks during techincal climbing; and when it gets rowdy on the downhill, riders are positioned over the front wheel which provides more traction.

Knolly Materials/Parts- Uncompromised performance

Knolly Bikes Warden Warden LT Delirium
At Knolly, we only source the finest parts and materials and with the 2020 models, we continue this commitment. They feature the most premium aluminum available (6066 alloy) and incorporate sophisticated forgings throughout their construction.
Knolly Bikes Warden Warden LT DeliriumWe’ve included CNC machined 6Al-4V titanium fasteners, threaded BB’s, internal cable routing and new Igus pivot bushing technology to deliver ease of use, ultimate strength and total reliability.

3 Models, 3 Great Choices

Knolly Bikes Warden Warden LT Delirium
Our customers wanted options and this release delivers big. This season, we’re launching offerings for the all mountain ripper, super enduro crusher and the rider who wants to lap the park all day long.

We have legions of Warden owners that use their bike for every type of ride/trail/rip you can imagine and if this sounds like you, our new Warden will become the one bike in your shed. Set up with a 160mm fork and 160mm shock this all mountain bike will get you climbing techy up-tracks with lightning speed, while ripping steep lines in total confidence (and most likely a load of style).

The new Warden LT is designed for all those riders who took our first gen Warden to the very edge of its ability (you know who you are) and are questing for more. With a super-enduro type stance, the Warden LT is decked out with a 170mm fork and 168mm shock. It combines increased pedaling efficiency with a “hey watch this” ability when the trail turns down.

And for the park we’re introducing our new Delirium, featuring a 180mm fork and 175mm shock. The legacy for this OG model is upheld with our latest version and is built for any rider wanting more confidence in the gnar, faster speeds on the descent, total control on trail, and predictability when you need it. Simply put this bike is ridiculously fun, you won’t want to stop riding.
Knolly Bikes Warden Warden LT Delirium


For geometry on all three models, you can set them up in neutral or slack modes. It’s as simple as removing the bolt, sliding the shock forward or back, and re-installing it.

In addition, the Wardens and Delirium are all Di2 compatible, with both e-type and ISCG-05 mounts for any chain guide set up, and fits a water bottle easily. These models are purpose built and spec’d with practical features so that you can take on everything from trail to park and maximize your every adventure.

It took a while to get here but with the addition of these three new frames to our already successful Fugitive and Fugitive LT models, Knolly has sealed its position as the brand delivering the most fun and capable bikes to rowdy riders all over the globe. Knolly riders know.

The 2020 Wardens and Delirium range in price from $2197 to $2655 USD, complete bikes with the Dawn Patrol kit ranging from $5159 to $6216 US.

They will be available for sale March 2020 at your Knolly Bikes Dealer and online:
Knolly Bikes

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