Video | Jeff Lenosky Rides Santos Trails Ocala Florida

Ride For Ray

Head on down to Ocala, Florida and you’ll find a system of progressive mountain bike trails called the Santos Trails. As the Santos Mountain Bike Trails became a riding staple in Florida, Rays Indoor MTB Park founder, and bike stunt feature extraordinaire Ray Petro, stepped in to help. According to Jeff Lenosky, and many others in the mountain bike community, Ray was instrumental in developing Santos as a fully progressive trail system with wooden features, drops, jumps, rollers and berms. He has also become nationally known for his expertise in designing bike parks. If you’ve been around mountain biking long enough or ever been to Cleveland, Ohio riding you should be familiar with Ray’s Indoor MTB Park. If not put it on the ride bucket list.

One unfortunate and risky side to mountain biking is injury. Something none of use like to hear. Tragically, in Sept 2017 Ray was riding his mountain bike on trails near Cleveland and crashed hard into a tree. This left Ray with life changing injuries to his neck in the C5 and C6 vertebrae that had to be surgically repaired. He will truly face a long road ahead in physical recovery just to have a normal life back. We never want to see a fellow rider down and wish Ray all the best.

Let’s celebrate Ray Petro’s contributions to the mountain bike community and give thanks. Watch Jeff Lenosky, Andrew Fisher, Jeff Kendall-Weed and trials legend Lance Trappe, hit up the Santos Trails to explore some of the progressive trail features that make this trail mountain bike destination in Florida. #RideForRay

If you would to donate to Ray Petro’s recovery here are two options:
Ride For Ray Gofunme:
Ride for Ray T-Shirts benefiting Ray Petro’s recovery:
Credit: Jeff Lenosky

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