Industry News: Video | Jeff Lenosky Is Leaving Giant Bicycles

Well all good things must come to end. After what has been an amazing 17 year career with his sponsor Giant, Jeff Lenosky is leaving Giant Bicycles. From pioneering main stream bike trials riding to appearing in early mountain bike films such as “Contact“, Jeff has been an inspiration to many riders around the world. In laymans terms of bike sponsorhips 17 years is a massvie amount of time with one bike company. I’d put this in the same category as Hans Rey and GT Bicycles.
Jeff isn’t retiring though. He’s recently kept his riding career moving forward with his latest venture “Trail Boss” series on Youtube and will be announcing his newest bike sponsors very soon. Cheers Jeff and thanks for a great run with Giant!

For the past 17 years I’ve ridden for Giant Bicycles and it was a brand I always figured I’d end my career with. Sometimes things don’t turn out as we planned and in 2019 we’ll be parting ways. We had one of the longest relationships in the industry so it would be impossible to not have some great memories. I decided to put together some of my favorite clips from nearly 2 decades to say thank you to Giant Bicycles.

Credit: Jeff Lenosky


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