Jeff Lenosky Beats The Cold In Florida Crashing his DJI Drone

What do you do when it’s the dead of winter and 11 degrees outside? You either sit inside on your xbox or you do exactly what the Trail Boss Jeff Lenosky did and drive 1200 miles down to Tampa, Florida, and go mountain biking at Alafia River State Park with Jeff Kendall-Weed. The riding looks killer at the Alafia trails and it looks like the worst thing that happened is Jeff crashed his DJI Drone while filming. What a bummer that we know first hand. Looks like its off to China for DJI Drone service or make the choice to replace it after the crash.

The plan was simple, leave the freezing temperatures of New Jersey, drive 1200 miles south to Florida, and meet up with one of my favorite Youtubers and pro riders Jeff Kendall Weed. We met up at Alafia River State Park near Tampa and had a fun day riding trails that feel like a dirt roller coaster.

Credit: Jeff Lenosky

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