Video: Greg Callaghan Sound of Speed | Irish Enduro Riding

It’s RAW mountain biking time with Greg Callaghan Sound of Speed. John Lawlor and Red Bull Bike have teamed up to bring the next video installment in the Sound of Speed series. This Irish Enduro star really knows how to put together some pure speed and poppy riding in the wet and varying trail conditions of the Tollymore, Ireland countryside.

This one even gets topped off with some sick footage of Greg filmed with a racing drone.


We decided that we’d waited too long to give Greg Callaghan a Sound of Speed episode, and when legendary Irish filmmaker John Lawlor proposed to do so while enlisting the help of a racing drone, it seemed like too good an opportunity to miss. Enjoy Enduro World Series star Greg Callaghan going flat-out on the trails of his training ground in Tollymore, Northern Ireland in our latest Sound of Speed episode.

Video: Red Bull Bike

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