Into Thin Air | Rob Warner & Finn Iles High Altitude Riding in Ecuador

High Altitude riding in Ecuador isn’t for the faint of heart. The air tends to getting pretty thin at over 4000 meters and causes you to breathe heavy on every pedal stroke. Rob Warner and Finn Iles found this is out real quick when they hit up Ecuador on one of Rob Warner’s Wild Rides.


At 4,000 m altitude, Rob Warner and Finn Iles take the gondola to incredible heights. With a vast network of mountains and volcanoes, Ecuador is home to magnificent landscapes and some authentic gnarly mountain bike trails, but will the pair be able to survive the exceptionally high altitude?


Rob Warner travelled the globe racing the Mountain Bike World Cup, but never got to experience the local cultures and people during his travels. That’s all about to change in Rob Warner’s Wild Rides.

Via: Red Bull Bike

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