MTB Coaching | How to Jump a Bike & Wheelie with Rich Drew & Dusty Betty

How to Jump a Bike and Wheelie

Have you ever needed some simple coaching to break down the steps of how to jump a bike and ride wheelies? Ride series coach Rich Drew, takes Dusty Betty out for some one on one coaching at his home on the world class Bentonville, Arkansas trails. As new riders we have all made errors and crashed our bikes. The last thing you want to do is get nose heavy on a jump or loop out trying to wheelie.

Breaking down each move step by step, Rich is able to coach riders on the basic techniques of jumping and wheeling to avoid these bad habits. Believe or not jumping and wheeling a bike is not all about muscling the bike around. As Rich demostrates really all about technique and having the right body position on the bike. 

For more info on Rich and his brother Rob Drew’s mountain bike coaching clinics check them out over at The Ride Series MTB.


Mountain bike coaching how to jump a bike


Via: Dusty Betty

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