Ali Clarkson | How to Do Massive Bunny Hops on Your Bike


If you are like me and even the average mountain biker you cannot do massive bunny hops. Even on my best day my bunny hop height is no higher than a street curb or a log on the trail. Never fear though…Ali Clarkson is here with his series on how to do massive bunny hops. 

If you are up for the challenge and willing to put in the practice you should take a look below at Ali’s previous how to  video on building a portable and adjustable bunny hop bar. He made this particular bar from hardware store parts and a total cost of around 30 GBP or 39 USD. It’s amazing what you can build with PVC pipe! You don’t have to start by having a bar made, but it will be a good idea once you have learned the technique and have worked up to higher hops.

Building a Bunny Hop bar

Now, let’s get on to the bunny hop showtime. In Ali’s how to below he gives you all the basics and techniques of the American bunny hop to work your way up to 120cm or 47.2 inches. Start small, remember these key pointers and you’ll be busting huge bunny hops in no time:

  • You can start with any bike to learn the basics
  • Handle bars should be rolled back slightly and not forward like some traditional trials riders
  • Best to learn and use flat pedals as biggest hops should be on flats
  • Preload the front
  • Lift the front wheel with your body
  • Lift the rear wheel  with your feet
  • Push and tuck the bike
  • Extend your legs and stay loose bracing for impact

Practice and Perfect a Massive Bunny Hop

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Source: Ali Clarkson

Hailing from Glasgow, Scotland Ali Clarkson is an absolute shredder in bike trials. He rides for Inspired Bikes and can be spotted as a demo rider at some of the Danny MacAskill Drop and Roll tour shows.

If you would like to know more about the bike Ali rides you can visit Inspired Bikes to learn more about their line of trials bikes and parts.

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