The Greatest of All Time | Greg Minnaar


With a 20 plus year racing career, Greg Minnaar could very well be the greatest of all time. Even to this day at 39 years old, Greg is still pinning it on the bike and winning Downhill races at the World Cup level! UPDATE: Within 2 weeks of publishing this film, Greg Minnaar stepped onto his 82nd World Cup podium in Maribor and went on to take his 4th World Championship title in Val di Sole – That is why they call Greg Minnaar ‘The Greatest of All Time” Greg Minnaar has competed at 144 UCI World Cup races; he has raced at 68 World Cup venues across the globe with over 80% of those finishes being inside the 20 fastest riders on the planet. He has won more World Cup races than any other man in the history of the sport. For over a decade Greg Minnaar has partnered with Five Ten and been instrumental in developing the Hellcat range of shoes, making them the most winning shoes of all time. Minnaar’s unappareled career saw him first break into the coveted top 10 at Big Bear in 1999. He has gone on to have 109 top 10 finishes, 81 podiums and 22 World Cup wins. He won his first race in Kaprun 2001 at the age of just 18 and took his 22nd World Cup win in Lousa, Portugal, an incredible 20 years later. His career has spanned more than just World Cup success, Greg has competed at 24 UCI World Championships. He has 3 Bronze Medals, 4 Silver Medals and has been crowned World Champion 3 times. Over the course of Greg’s Career, he has beaten every other World Cup winning rider that has dared to challenge him in his career. And his success is not just limited to Downhill Racing. In 2003 Greg took a 4x World Cup win and later went on take 7th at Red Bull Rampage, the most iconic freeride event of a generation. Greg’s career is decorated with more success than we are ever likely to see again. There will never be another Greg Minnaar and that why they call him the Greatest Of All Time. Five Ten

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