Gravaa Bike | New Integrated Tire Pressure Management System

Pressure On The Fly

Gravaa Bike brings a unique lightweight wheelset with an integrated pressure management system to the mountain bike world. This wheelset will let you adjust your tire pressure on the fly before that large climb, rough descent, or oncoming freeride feature. Gravaa is the new player on the block looking to make this concept take off. However, White Crow, another player in this, offering an optimal traction on the fly tire pressure adjusting hubs. White Crow is a fully mechanical system.

Gravaa Wheelset
Photo: Gravaa Bike. Wheelset

Engineering & Design

Designed in the Netherlands, and built in Europe, Gravaa Bike will be offering a complete wheelset system that will work with mountain bikes and gravel bikes. The wheelset will be driven by the lighter weight, including carbon rims.

Gravaa Wheelset Rear Wheel
Photo: Gravaa Bike. Rear Hub
Gravaa Wheelset Front Wheel
Photo: Gravaa Bike. Front Hub

Gravaa Wheelet Features

The hub in each wheel has a miniature high pressure pump, clutch unit and electro-pneumatic control system. The clutch system within the hub will only engage when you need it. Internally, there is a small hose that is routed from the hub to the valve on each wheel. Tire pressure is adjusted at the valve itself. The electro-pneumatic allows the rider to connect the bike to the computer. With this system, the rider should be able to control tire pressure on the fly and see the results at the readout on the handlebars. Sounds good to me.

  • Control your tyre pressure on the fly, once set the software will do the rest.
  • Go faster by creating more traction or less rolling resistance on different surfaces.
  • Improve your safety.
  • Leave your bicycle pump at home.
  • Get to know your tire pressure: monitor the pressure in your tires on your bike computer.
Gravaa Wheelset Belt Drive Bench
Photo: Gravaa Bike. Belt Driven Bench Testing

When Will We See It?

Development, prototyping and testing for year, Gravaa is about to hit the market with its unique wheelset. With no set launch date just yet, Gravaa Bike is accepting pre-orders for there new wheelset in the up and coming months. Keep an eye out for their new webstore launch. Be sure to visit the Gravaa site and signup for their newsletter for updates.


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