Video: Freeride Flow At The Woodlot | Jeff Kendall-Weed

What’s it like to find Freeride Flow and smooth speed on freeride trails of young and old? Well that’s exactly the question that Jeff Kendall-Weed intended to answer when he loaded up his trusty IBIS Mojo HD4 and IBIS RIPMO in his Van and day tripped it up to the BC riding location called ‘The Woodlot”. Jeff shows how to mix in old school wooden freeride drops and skinnes with the new progressive big air and big bermed styles of freeriding.  Hold on to your seat folks! This one is big!

Can I find my flow amidst the skinnies and jumps of the classic BC riding spot known as “The Woodlot”? I first read about the Woodlot while sitting on a train in Japan, as I had plenty of time to simply read about amazing BC area trails on Trailforks. Woodlot sounded like it was a little out-of-vogue in today’s world of flow trails, so why not seek out some original woodwork, and try to flow down it?

Source: Jeff Kendall-Weed

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