Review: Fox Transfer 175mm Dropper Post Performance

Fox Transfer 175mm Dropper Post Performance

Fox drops the new Fox Transfer 175mm Dropper Post. Previously available in 100mm, 125mm or 150mm of infinitely adjustable travel. This makes it the longest travel dropper post that Fox has ever produced to date. More drop means you can get that saddle further down to the frame and out often way for maneuvering the bike through rough trail, extra steep descents, or sending it off the next set of jumps.

Fox Transfer 175mm Dropper PostFox Transfer 175mm Dropper Post


No surprises here in getting the Fox Transfer 175mm Dropper Post setup. The cable head/nipple loads into the bottom cradle lever at the bottom of the post with ease. The cable wire is then fed through the housing to the lever end. With the Knolly Warden C, I was sure to load the end of the cable housing into the seat of the bottom of the Transfer first, before inserting the post into the frame. This pushes the cable housing through and toward the front of the frame, keeping the end of the cable accessible for connecting to the lever.

The dual bolt saddle clamp is very easy to make small adjustments for optimum seat positioning. The Transfer works well with the seat rails on this SDG Bellair 2.0 saddle. One task that seemed to be a challenge was getting the multi-tool to fit due to the bolts not having a great angle. The multi-tool was very close to the post as you turn the bolt.
Fox Transfer 175mm Dropper PostFox Transfer 175mm Dropper PostFox Transfer 175mm Dropper Post

The Ride

What was noticeable right out of the gate, was the ease at which I could quickly slam the post to the frame getting it completely out of the way for a technical steep or a set of dirt jumps. This was not the case with my prior post, the Fox Transfer 150mm. That extra 25mm of travel really helps on this Knolly Warden C. No longer do I feel I have to stop to adjust the seat collar to manually adjust the height of the post to completely slam the seat. For trails such as Drop The Hammer at Coler Preserve in Bentonville, Arkansas. The Fox Transfer 175mm can make that seat disappear allowing for better confidence off of that Hammer drop sequence. The audible “clunk” heard when dropping the post to the frame or moving it to full extension is quick confirmation the post is where you want it to be, and continue on down the trail.

Fox Transfer 175 Performance Series Dropper Post Features

– Travel: 175mm (also available in 100mm, 125mm & 150mm)
– Hydraulic cartridge with nitrogen-charged IFP
– Infinite Travel Adjustment
Wolf Tooth Components Lever (this review)
– Cable activated w/internal and externally routed versions available
– Stanchion: Black Anodized (available with Kashima coating)
– Twin-bolt saddle clamp
– Diameter: 30.9mm, 31.6mm
– Weight: 630g (31.6mm diameter post) & 65g (Race Face 1x remote)
– 1x and 2x remotes sold separately

Fox Transfer 175mm Dropper Post
The Fox Transfer 175mm Dropper Post is available in both 30.9mm and 31.6mm diameters, with internal or external cable routing. Fox offers the posts and levers separately, so you can bring your own lever to the game like the Wolf Tooth Remote (this review).

Fox is standing by this post with great durability and service, saying the Transfer will keep you on the trail for a least two year as or normal use, and a year under extreme riding conditions, before needing a full factory rebuild.

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