Fatbiking Iceland | Bergur Shreds it All on his Fatbike

Iceland is a land with dynamic terrain and mother nature combined. If you called Iceland home would you need one, two or even three bikes to cover the various riding disciplines? Nope! If you’re like Bergur Benediktsson and enjoying Fatbiking Iceland all you need is a Fatback Skookum to literally shred everything!

From Fatback Bikes and Bergur:

“One of the most challenging things I have ever done is sitting down and typing about my Fatback Skookum. Don’t get me wrong, the bike is more than awesome. It is just that I’d rather be out riding that thing. It may not be the fastest bike but it sure is the most fun and versatile bike I have ever tried. It can do all the things other bikes can plus more. Paired with a Lauf Carbonara fork it is a solid toy and touring machine with minimal maintenance and maximum fun factor. I have started looking at things differently. Everything I see, I wonder if I could ride it. No matter if it is up an endless staircase or down a big drop with loose sand or snow in the landing area, I just hit it. If I had to choose only one bike, this would be it.”




Credit: Fatback Bikes

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