Fat Bike Freeride | No Excuse for not Mountain Biking in Winter

Winter has it’s grip on much of the nation right now keeping some riders inside where it’s warm. With the popularity of the Fat Bike increasing, and winter gear much less bulky and warmer now, there is really no reason not to hop on a Fat Bike and hit the trails.

If you need some motivation to get after it, check out what Rocky Mountain Bicycles riders Geoff Gulevich, Wade Simmons, & Brett Tippie put together in British Columbia’s Coastal mountains. Who knew you could back flip a Fat Bike in the snow? Now go grab that fattie and shred! 


Riders: Geoff Gulevich, Wade Simmons, & Brett Tippie, with appearances by Andreas Hestler & Fraser Vaage.
Filmed by: Liam Mullany, Connor Macleod, Chris Fisher, Brian Park, Fraser Vaage, & Andreas Hestler
Music (Main): “Outta Mind” by Night Beats, courtesy of The Reverberation Appreciation Society
Thanks to: Black Tusk Snowmobile Club, Tony Cailes, & Dylan Auld
Photography: Fraser Vaage & Brian Park

Visit http://bikes.com/blizzard to check out the Rocky Mountain Blizzard. We built it for aggressive, trail-style riding on snow, sand, and other soft terrain.

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