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Press Release: earSHOTS helping riders and runners listen to music as they train

World-first magnetic ear clip design empowers athletes take their love of sound to the peak of performance

New Zealand – 1 July 2021 – earSHOTS is the disruptive action sport headphone company addressing the needs of athletes and thrill-seekers for freedom of movement, while empowering them to unlock their potential using sound.

Founded in 2017 and launched to market in 2020, the idea behind the New Zealand-born startup was developed by James Bell-Booth when, training in New Zealand’s Tongariro National Park, he became frustrated by his headphones falling out and was inspired to create a solution to address his, and millions of other users’, problem.

EarSHOTS Bluetooth Headphones
earSHOTS Bluetooth Headphones
earSHOTS Headphones sideview with helmet

Teaching himself to mold plastics, use 3D printers and rewire MP3 players, James cracked the code to use magnets in an innovative way that turns traditional headphone ergonomics into a blank canvas for your unique ear shape. Today, earSHOTS utilises a world-first proprietary magnetic ear clip design and layered cushioning system to withstand high performance and high velocity movement. Its earbud design balances audio quality with environmental audio awareness, so riders and runners remain aware of their surroundings.

earSHOTS Bluetooth headphones sideview with Helmet and Mountain Biker

James Bell-Booth, Founder and CEO of earSHOTS said:

“Sound can have a huge psychological and physical impact on athletic performance, with the right tempo not only leading to increased motivation, but also empowering people to train harder, remain focused and combat fatigue. I founded earSHOTS to give riders and runners from the beginning of their fitness journey to the peak of athlete performance the right pair of headphones to reach their potential. Four years on and we remain committed to supporting our users to unlock their potential through sound.” Since entering the market last year, earSHOTS has helped support athletes take their love of sound to the highest level of performance. It has partnered with up-and-coming and renowned mountain bikers across Australia and New Zealand, from World Cup Mountain Bike racer Bryn Dickerson, to Australian u23 Champion, Sam Fox, to help them remain motivated as they train.

earSHOTS Bluetooth Headphones inside case with Mountain Bike

About earSHOTS

earSHOTS is a disruptive action sport headphone company dedicated to unlocking human potential through sound. The idea for earSHOTS came about in the heart of New Zealand’s Tongariro National Park where, training for the T42 adventure race, co-founder and CEO James Bell-Booth became frustrated by the constant distractions of his headphones dislodging and falling out. earSHOTS Bluetooth headphones utilise an innovative, first of its kind proprietary magnetic ear clip design. This unique design ensures it can withstand the sharp shocks, speed and functional movements of action sports, unlocking new freedom of movement without compromising on sound.

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