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Update – Down to Ride has come to an end

Down to ride has come to an end

Whether you ride road, singletrack, ramps, cross country, or crazy downhills we can all agree that riding with friends and sharing the journey is the best part. Our CEO, Jake Sigal, works in bike-to-vehicle technology and has a passion for sharing the cycling community and so Down to Ride was born!

Down to Ride
Down to Ride

After a record number of bikes sold in 2020, people everywhere (probably you too?!) were looking to ride and reconnect. In the past year of its young life, DTR has built a team of cyclists who believe in getting more butts on saddles and putting riders first. They have created a free tool for cyclists to organize, create, and find group rides either in their area or wherever they travel to. So whether you are out there looking for your next wild race like Connor Grant, ramping with folks like Joce Cammarra, or out there for rock gardens and flow like Madisyn Wynn there is a spot for you in Down to Ride. It doesn’t matter what you ride or how fast you go but it’s all about the people and good times along the way. 

About Down to Ride (DTR): 

The Down to Ride (DTR) app launched in July 2020 to help cyclists find and plan group rides with their friends. DTR works by connecting friends in the free app to see which friends are looking to ride on a specific day. The VC backed app, available now for download for Android and iOS, introduces a centralized route to helping cyclists discover and organize rides with their friends. This unique app allows cyclists to organize and mobilize rather than just post about their rides.

DTR is VC-backed and owned by Social Active, LLC, a startup spinout of Tome, Inc.

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