Dear Kelly | Carson Storch Tribute to the Late Kelly McGarry

McGazza Forever

There are some who come to this sport who become legend the world over. That’s Kelly McGarry. In the 2013 Red Bull Rampage Kelly stomped a massive 72 foot back flip over the canyon gap, earning him a silver medal and winner of the best trick award. His POV GoPro footage of the back flip went viral making Kelly a house hold name. From there Kelly’s riding career progressed even further with more and more freeride competitions as he continued to be a true ambassador to our sport.

Unfortunately, on February 1, 2016 Kelly’s life was cut short as he collapsed and died while riding his bike at home in New Zealand. This devastated everyone and sent shock waves through the mountain bike community as Kelly was loved by so many fellow riders. Carson Storch recently traveled to New Zealand to join up some of McGazza’s riding friends and family to and pay tribute to our fallen mountain bike brother. This is a letter to Kelly from that trip featuring Carson Storch, Fraser Gordon, Tom Hey, Samantha Hitchcock, Emmerson Wilken and many others.


POV GoPro of 2013 Kelly McGarry 72 foot Back Flip over Canyon Gap


Credit: Harrison Mendel and Red Bull

If you would like to donate and help keep Kelly’s love of mountain bike progression alive in the New Zealand mountain bike community you can visit the McGarry Foundation. This goes toward continuing the development of mountain bike projects across New Zealand.

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