Video: Culmination by Big Timber Films at Freeride512 Park


Big Timber films launches its latest video “Culmination” showing the progress of months of building the members of the Freeride512 Bike Park have made. This is yet another installment calling out the freeride progression in Central Texas.  The Austin, TX based Freeride512 club builds and rides progressive mountain bike trails, features and other hand built stunts in and around the Central Texas area.  Since the full release of “State of Progression”, Big Timber Films has kept the documentation running, with sights on the growth and inspiration

There is a core group of members that spent an extraordinary amount of time and effort to design and build the widest level of progression across the park.  This offers all riders with the opportunity to build up their riding skillset and move over to the ever larger features of the park.  The builders continue to create new lines and features with the underlying idea of letting the rider flow and make it without the use of brakes or pedaling, unless the rider chooses to of course.  All of the lines start at two common roll ins and end by gapping, rolling over, of through the creek at the bottom.  All lines are fed by gravity and are either in the woods or out in the open.  This creates ample opportunity for the photographer to capture that perfect shot.  What is Freeride512? Freeride512 builds and rides progressive mountain bike trails and features in and around Central Texas. We educate mountain bikers on the disciplines of all-mountain, downhill, and freeride mountain biking and help riders to progress their skills.

If you’re geared up and ready to camp, Rocky Hill Ranch is a great place to bring multiple bikes for jump sessions, and maybe an evening trail ride.

Big Timber Films


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