MTB Trials Bike | Chris Akrigg on Mountain Bike Holiday

When life throw you lemons you make lemonade. Northern England is not exactly known for dry riding conditions. In fact, there are many months where it rains and the trails are full of sloppy mud. As MTB trials bike mountain bikers we yearn for perfect riding days in fantastic locations. Isn’t taking a mountain bike holiday what we would all like to do when the crummy weather gets us down riding on our home trails?

Well that’s exactly what Moongoose rider Chris Akrigg did as he dumped the crummy weather from his home in Yorkshire, England in favor of fairer sky’s down in Chile. With his mix of trials mountain bike riding and mountain biking on trails, Chris has once again put together a display of riding that seems to be in absolute sync with the feature soundtrack.

What makes Chris Akrigg stand out is that he is always focused on using skils to do the best MTB trials bike riding out there. When you deal with such challenges on the trails, you always want to make sure that you have nothing but the best equipment on the market. That can be very hard to achieve usually.

Mountain bike trials are basically courses that are set up by a certain biking organization or club. They come in the form of a tournament and basically people are set up against each other and the best man will win.

If you want to get the best trials mountain bike trails, you need to be careful with the wheel size. Normally, a 20” wheel size is what you should be looking for. Some of the MTB trials bike models also have up to 26″. But you want to stick to 20-26” at most. These are already very large wheel sizes, and in the end you can obtain some really interesting and fun results without that much of a problem.

Chris Akrigg is focused on using the large wheels because he has more control on them. And he does have the necessary skill that helps with the right balancing and so on. Most of the trials tournaments have obstacles that require jumping. So yes, you need a lot of focus and precision, which is quite hard to achieve all the time. But when you prepare for some mountain biking tricks like this, you need to be very focused and you need to have lots of patience too. The more practice you put in riding trials the better you will get.

If you want to be as good as Chris Akrigg in mountain bike trials, you have to think outside the box. You have to learn the circuit and you also need to use the best MTB trials bike you can afford. Of course, continual testing and trying out some new features is always important to improve your riding progression. This is the best way to take your skills to new heights. Cheers Chris and thanks for continuing to put out rad riding content for us all to enjoy!

Some of Chris Akrigg’s Sponsors include:
GT 85 Bike
Fox Racing Shox
Royal Racing
iDP Seven

Created by Victor Lucas & Chris Akrigg
Music: “18-30”
By: Reverend and The Makers

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