Bryn Atkinson | Slow Motion Mountain Biking at 1000 FPS

This is what Slow Motion Mountain Biking looks like at 1000 FPS. Bryn Atkinson is no slouch on the bike and has the speed and style on a mountain bike that some of us can only dream of. We were blown away at Bryn’s riding with the launch of the Norco Optic, so now seeing it in slow motion at 1000 FPS puts it at another level of riding.

Bryn Atkinson in “Phantom of the Optic”


Produced by Bryn Atkinson, and created by Scott Secco with help from Matty Miles, Shawn Sanders, Tom Richards and Jill Kintner.

Music by Alex Kizenkov

Bryn is on the 2020 Norco Optic, to check out the bike, visit here:

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