Video: RAW Austin Mountain Biking

Austin Mountain Biking = Calculated Trials Riding

Not all mountain biking is done in the big mountains. As the saying goes sometimes you just have to look for opportunities to ride in your own backyard. As I was riding my neighborhood trails yesterday something resonated with me that I had long forgotten. Our Austin mountain biking trails have a ton of rocks and a ton of technical riding. First, so much that I can’t think of the last time I rode where I wasn’t challenged by some sort of ledge, drop or rocky section of the trail. Second, I guess I’ve become so numb to the level of tech riding and broken bikes over the years that it just seems second nature now. The definitive riding scars on my arms on legs give are a constant reminder of days gone by and the good times had on these trails.

True story: Years ago after I busted my ass on the Barton Creek Greenbelt. I met a passing rider and after a couple of minutes of chatting about the ledge I just endo’d off of he says “I call it calculated trials on trails”. And, I’d say he was spot on with that analogy.

Here is a little sample of our finest single track chunder that local Austin rider Forrest Streeter put together. This is RAW Austin Mountain Biking at it’s finest.

Thanks to Forrest Streeter for spreading the local riding scene!

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7 years ago

Nice video, damn you can ride!

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